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South Korea seeks to achieve herd immunity by November

South Korea's health authorities have released a new guideline for vaccination centers across the country, requiring medical staff members to increase the number of doses extracted from a bottle of vaccine to the maximum using the latest syringes. South Korea aims to achieve herd immunity by next November.

And South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported that one day after the start of the national vaccination program in South Korea, the Korean Agency for Disease Control and Prevention said that the special model of locally produced syringes paves the way for increasing the number of vaccine recipients by one or two people per bottle of vaccine. This major achievement was achieved with special "LDS" syringes, which are designed to reduce the amount of vaccine lost by reducing the distance between the needle and the plunger.

She added that previously it was estimated that a bottle of "AstraZeneca" vaccine was sufficient to vaccinate 10 people, and that a bottle of "Pfizer" vaccine was sufficient to vaccinate 6 people. An agency official said that the previous estimate was based on regular syringes, and thus the number of beneficiaries could be increased by using special "LDS" syringes, as up to 12 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine can be extracted, and 7 doses from a bottle of "Pfizer" vaccine.

However, the authorities confirmed that the actual number of extra doses may vary depending on the skills of the medical staff, at a time when South Korea has secured sufficient vaccines to vaccinate 79 million people, a number much higher than the country's population of 52 million people .. noting that it is Among those vaccines, the number of "AstraZeneca" vaccines that South Korea will receive reached 10 million doses, while the number of "Pfizer" vaccines reached 13 million.

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