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Survey: 63% of Indians refuse to get Corona vaccine due to the high price

A survey conducted by LocalCircles revealed that 63% of people who plan to take the Coronavirus vaccine in the next phase starting next March 1 in private hospitals will not pay more than 600 INR for two doses of the vaccine, according to thehealthsite.

The survey tried to understand the initial perception of how much people would be willing to pay if they qualify for the vaccine in the next phase, according to the survey, 17% of people are willing to pay up to 200 rupees, 22% are willing to pay up to 300 rupees, and 24% said they are They would pay up to 600 rupees, 16% said "up to 1,000 rupees".

According to the results, 63% of the people surveyed were ready to take the Coronavirus vaccine in the next stage in a private hospital only if it was available under 600 rupees as a total fee for two doses. The results also indicated that 21% of citizens are ready to receive their eligible family members vaccination in a private hospital. Depending on the payment and how the vaccination is progressed. 27 percent are currently unsure whether they want to choose this vaccine through the same channel.

It is worth noting that the Indian drug company Zydus Cadila said that its vaccine against the Corona virus, "ZyCoV-D", has been proven to be safe and immune-responsive in the first / second phase of clinical trials, and the company is seeking regulatory approval to start the third and final phase.