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The most important economic event for the fourth year in a row bt100 will be held next March

Shedding light on the contributions of major institutions during the 2020 crisis


In light of the major challenges that the new Corona virus has thrown into the world and its repercussions on the global economic situation as a whole, including the Egyptian economy, the "bt100" celebration - the most important and largest event in the business and financial community in Egypt - will be held during March 2021, to assess the economic experience Al-Masry during the Corona crisis and praising the most resilient and successful sectors during the past year, amid the repercussions of the crisis, to honor the effectiveness of companies and major economic entities and the successes they achieved during the height of the spread of the virus.


The fourth edition comes in 2021 amid great interest from workers in various economic sectors after the Egyptian economy achieved remarkable growth and became certified by international financial institutions among the 3 largest economies in the world to achieve high growth rates during the Corona pandemic, reflecting the positive results of the economic reform program.


The timing of the celebration in this world comes as a real translation of what has been achieved by the business and economic sectors during the past years, and the celebration has enjoyed over the past years the auspices of the Egyptian Cabinet, in honor of its efforts to support companies and influential individuals in the business community and the economy in Egypt, and to highlight their achievements in various fields. And the efforts made by the state in its various sectors, in line with the country's footsteps in the economic reform plan and Egypt's 2030 vision.


This year, the celebration is expected to witness the presence of a large number of ministers, public figures, business leaders and officials of major economic institutions, and personalities and companies are chosen to be honored for their role in supporting the Egyptian economy, through a jury that includes a group of economists and opinion leaders according to well-studied criteria and based on Research and methodology developed by the committee to arrive at a list of candidates and winners, in line with state standards for development and reform.


 The celebration of "bt100" is held under the strategic sponsorship of Business Today magazine, in cooperation with the Seventh Day Foundation, and is organized by the leading company, "POD" in public relations and media. Parliament members and a large crowd of businessmen and officials of the largest companies operating in the sectors of financial services, investment, banking, industry, and real estate.

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