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A government delegation continues to provide water needs for the new administrative capital projects

A government delegation inspected the implementation of utility projects (drinking water - sanitation - irrigation) in the New Administrative Capital, and a number of utility sector officials and officials of the New Urban Communities Authority accompanied them during the tour.


The delegation began its inspection tour of utility projects in the New Administrative Capital by holding a meeting with those in charge of implementing the projects, to review the executive position, and among the most prominent projects under implementation are the city's water purification plant, transmission lines, and cranes, which are being assigned to major specialized companies, with a total capacity of 900 One thousand m3 / day, and the implementation of the first phase, with a capacity of 450,000 m3 / day, is underway, next to the outlet, and 4 cranes on the line path.


According to a press release, pending the completion of the implementation of the water station, the city's drinking water needs will now be provided through two 1000 mm diameter water lines, one of which is from the Tenth of Ramadan water station with a length of 34 km, and the second from the New Cairo Water Station with a length of 33 km, with a total capacity 225 thousand m3 / day for the two lines, in addition to an additional line with a capacity of 100 thousand m3 / day from the Tenth of Ramadan station with a length of 34 km that is being completed to ensure that the current requirements for the completion of construction, residential and government neighborhoods and the business district are met, and for the next 5 years, with a total capacity of about 300 thousand 3 m / day, and these lines will continue as future strategic alternatives serving the city in addition to the purification plant currently being implemented.


The government delegation inspected the sites of water accumulation tanks and strategic tanks with a capacity of 125 thousand m3 / day, which meet the city's needs of drinking water at peak times, as well as cases of maintenance, washing lines and others, directing to unify the two sides of supervision, operation and maintenance of that system until the transfer to the company that will be charged By the Administrative Capital Management Company in the future.


The work of the facilities in residential and government neighborhoods was also inspected, to follow up on the completion of the internal networks of water, irrigation, sewage and rain drainage, as well as rain drains and fire taps, most of which were completed.


He also reviewed what has been done regarding the completion of the irrigation system for green spaces and central gardens in the New Administrative Capital, where the washing water of the filters of the water purification plant in New Cairo is currently being transferred with a capacity of 30,000 m3 / day, as well as the completion of the connection of the line carrying treated water from the Cairo sewage station. The new (Urskalia) diameter of 1000 mm with a length of 10 km, which pours into the irrigation tanks next to the regional road with a capacity of 100 thousand m3 / day to be used in the future with the expansion of the city until the completion of the implementation of the sewage treatment plant for the city.


With regard to the sewage system, Al-Rafd government also reviewed what has been completed of temporary solutions to transfer the current dispositions with a slope line that accommodates about 40 thousand m3 / day to the sewage treatment plant in Badr City, until the completion of the treatment plant for the city, which began Indeed, provided that this line is part of the sanitation system of the Administrative Capital, in addition to what has been accomplished of the main sewage lines in the city, and what has been implemented in terms of neighborhoods.


The government delegation directed to work on the continuity of linking the utility networks in the new cities east of Greater Cairo, with a unified network that integrates the service and meets the needs of peak times and crises, and has directed continuous coordination with all parties concerned with the service of the new administrative capital with the infrastructure networks to avoid re-drilling works when the demand for these increases Services with future expansions in implementation, stressing the interest in the system of rainwater drainage networks, and using them in irrigation works instead of getting rid of them.


At the conclusion of the visit, the government delegation confirmed that the implementation of the projects is proceeding according to the timetables set, and the workflow on nature is in line with the plans set as stages for the transition to the new administrative capital in all its neighborhoods, thanking all the officials and workers of the project, and asking them to continue to make efforts until the completion of this national project Which represents a milestone in the modern history of Egypt.

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