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Abu Dhabi Airport launches an immediate "PCR" examination laboratory to limit the spread of Corona

Abu Dhabi Airports in the UAE announced the launch of a new immediate "PCR" examination laboratory, the first of its kind within airports in the region, to provide a rapid examination service for the Coronavirus, at Abu Dhabi Airport, with the aim of contributing to limiting the spread of the virus and continuing to provide an easy and comfortable travel experience for travelers, and within the framework of The efforts made by Abu Dhabi Airports to ensure the health and safety of passengers and employees at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

This step comes - according to the Emirates News Agency, today / Tuesday / - based on the directives of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abu Dhabi Airports, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan.

The new instant PCR test, which is available to all travelers coming to Abu Dhabi for free, is one of the fastest tests of its kind in the world, through which more than 20 thousand checks can be performed daily for travelers and employees, and the result is obtained within 90 minutes. From the examination procedure.

The Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Airports Board of Directors stated that this came in partnership with "Pure Health", the largest operator of local laboratories, and "Tamouh Health Care", with the aim of strengthening efforts to resume the operation of flights, facilitate quarantine procedures and track those infected with the virus.

All passengers arriving at Abu Dhabi International Airport through Terminals 1 and 3 will undergo a quick examination for free at the immediate examination laboratory. Test results will be sent to them via SMS on their numbers or via the WhatsApp application. They can also obtain results via the electronic fortress application.

And before leaving the airport, they must go to the "PCR" test tent connected to the airport, where a smart electronic bracelet will be installed to monitor travelers and ensure their commitment to health isolation for 10 days.

Passengers coming from the green countries identified by the Abu Dhabi government, and who upon their arrival obtained a negative PCR test result are excluded from the health isolation procedures, and also excluded from the sanitary isolation procedures, participants in the national vaccination program for "Covid-19", and volunteers in the stage The third is for clinical studies of the vaccine, who have the "star" mark or the letter "E" in the Al Hosn application, upon their return from travel, and the test will not be performed for transit travelers before their departure to their final destinations.

It is noteworthy that Abu Dhabi International Airport has applied a set of new technologies in all its facilities, which included the launch of sterilization gates, "Strix", non-contact control systems for elevators, thermal monitoring cameras that rely on the latest techniques of artificial intelligence, and temperature sensors to track the movement of people, and help Airport personnel in identifying people who show symptoms of the virus or who do not adhere to wearing a face mask.

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