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An American study: The presence of antibodies to Corona in the milk of nursing mothers who received the vaccine

Researchers in Portland, USA, are conducting what is believed to be the first study on how the Corona vaccine affects pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

For new mothers, getting a Corona vaccine may come with some concerns, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers were not part of the vaccine trials, but a new study conducted in Portland, according to a news-medical website, looks at how breastfeeding mothers transfer antibodies to Corona to Their babies after mothers get vaccinated.

The researchers designed a future model that tested the effect of vaccinating breastfeeding mothers, and the participants were all breastfeeding mothers who wanted to take two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or the Moderna vaccine between December 2020 and January 2021, both of which are ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines that encode the viral Spike antigen.

Researchers at the Providence Cancer Institute and Earl A Chili's Research Institute, Providence Division, studied milk samples from mothers, with half of the group receiving a Moderna injection, the other half getting a Pfizer vaccine, and before the injection, all the milk samples were tested negative for antibodies, but after the dose. That changed.

The researchers said: "We saw this rise [in antibodies] that started to rise 7 days after the first shot, then decreased, and then when you get a booster dose the levels go up again."

None of the children participating in the study showed harmful side effects, and the research suggests that children may be protected from the Corona virus through antibodies in breast milk, but it is unclear how long these antibodies will remain in mothers or infants, and future research may hold. Some answers.

The researchers added, "We hope that women like me who make the decision about vaccination or not, will have little information when they make this decision, as they have some information about the potential benefits for their children."

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