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Austria begins working with the Corona passport in the country and Europe on April 1

Austria announced the start of the green passport for recipients of the Corona vaccine and those recovering from it, starting from the first of next April, and Austrian Minister of Tourism Elizabeth Kosteniger said, in statements today, Wednesday, “Austria has received the approval of the European Commission for the green passport as its procedural and legal aspects are being met. ".

She added, "This passport will make travel throughout Europe possible again on a large scale, starting from the first of next June," explaining that those who have been vaccinated, tested, or cured should be allowed to travel again.

She pointed out that the green passport contains a certificate of vaccination, a test certificate from the Corona virus, or a certificate of recovery from the virus, noting that this passport will be issued free of charge to all citizens of the European Union, their family members and citizens of other countries residing in the countries of the Union, either digital or paper.

She indicated that the green passport contains only information related to the Corona epidemic, such as identifying the person, the vaccine used, the date and place of vaccination or testing, noting that the proposal for this passport by Austria was very successful and was done in cooperation with the tourism ministers in (Bulgaria - Greece - Malta - Slovenia - Spain) It will facilitate across national borders and revitalize European tourism.

The Minister considered that the green passport is the right tool to give the tourism industry a new perspective and to make Austria more attractive as a tourist destination for guests.