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Biden: It is difficult to meet the May 1 deadline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday that it would be "difficult" for him to meet the May 1 deadline for withdrawing the last troops from Afghanistan, a step that would put an end to the longest war the United States has fought, and is considered Biden's comments to ABB. CNNews) is the most elaborate yet on the date stipulated in an agreement signed with the Afghan Taliban in February during the rule of former President Donald Trump, and Biden's interview was broadcast a day before a meeting that includes Russia, China, the United States, Pakistan and a delegation of senior Afghan officials, opposition leaders and Taliban negotiators in Moscow In an attempt to restart stalled peace talks.

Some American officials and many experts fear that the withdrawal of international forces led by the United States before a peace agreement is reached will plunge Afghanistan into a new civil war, which would give al Qaeda a new haven.

Biden said of the last 2,500 American soldiers in Afghanistan, "I am now in the process of making the decision on when they will leave ... It could happen, but it is difficult."

Biden added that the agreement concluded by Trump "was not negotiated very well," but that Biden kept his peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, the veteran US diplomat who reached the agreement.

The Taliban has warned that it may resume attacks on international forces led by the United States if Biden does not meet the deadline for the withdrawal of troops.

The 2020 agreement set the US withdrawal in stages according to certain conditions, and Trump ordered the withdrawal to proceed despite the escalation of violence that is mainly blamed on the Taliban, the delay in Afghan peace talks for six months, and what US officials describe as the Taliban’s failure to fulfill its commitment to sever ties with Al Qaeda. This weakened the negotiating position of the United States.

The Taliban deny that al Qaeda militants remain in Afghanistan, where the militants provided sanctuary for the hard-line Islamists who plotted the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. It also denies responsibility for the escalation of violence, and ordered Biden to review the 2020 agreement upon assuming the presidency of the United States.

But in keeping with US peace envoy Khalilzad, Biden has largely supported a proposed peace deal drawn up at the end of the Trump administration's rule. The agreement calls for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who is backed by the United States, to hand over power to an interim administration that will choose half of its members by the Taliban.

Ghani has repeatedly refused to step down, saying that elections should decide any change of government. And the Taliban refuses to hold democratic elections and a nationwide ceasefire, according to the US proposal.

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