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Egyptian Sports News today, Monday 3/29/2021

Today, Monday, March 29, 2021, Egyptian sports witnessed many important sports news, most notably, Egypt defeats Comoros by four and tops the group in the African qualifiers .. Video, Al-Ahly puts electricity "under evaluation" until the end of the season.


Egypt defeats Comoros by four and leads the group in the African qualifiers.


The first Egyptian national football team, led by Hossam El-Badry, won the Comoros 4-0 in the meeting at the Cairo Stadium in the sixth and final round of the African Nations 2022 qualifiers in Cameroon. 12 points, then Comoros 9 points, Kenya 7 points, and Togo two points.

Al-Ahly put Kahraba "under evaluation" until the end of the season

The technical staff of Al-Ahly team puts Mahmoud Kahraba, the player of the red team, under evaluation until the end of the season to monitor the player's behavior, and determine his position on continuing with the team if he adheres to the principles that the club follows in respecting the decisions of the technical staff and the traditions of the club or leaving if he leaves the text and repeatedly fabricates problems within the ranks Al-Ahly, as happened from him on more than one occasion.


A record ... Afsha is the player who contributed most to the goals in the African Nations Qualifiers

Mohamed Magdy Afsha, the player of Al-Ahly and the national team, has become the most contributing player to goals in the current African qualifiers, which resulted in our national team qualifying for the finals for the 25th time in its history.

The cancellation of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in the Basketball League due to the presence of the masses

Yahya Al-Issa, observer of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, decided in the eleventh round of the Basketball League to cancel the match due to the public presence inside the Abdel Rahman Fawzi hall in Mit Oqba.

Sassi and Al-Jaziri return to Cairo tomorrow after participating with the Carthage Eagles


The duo Ferjani Sassi and Saif El-Din Al-Jazairi, players of the first football team of Zamalek Club, will return to Cairo tomorrow, Tuesday, after their participation with the Tunisian national team "The Carthage Eagles" in the African qualifiers for the finals.


The Olympic team concludes its open camp in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic team, led by Shawky Gharib, concluded its open camp today, within the international agenda for the month of March, at the sub-stadiums of Cairo Stadium as part of the preparation program for the Tokyo Olympics, which begins next July.


Aliu Diang is organizing at Al-Ahly training tomorrow in preparation for the confrontation of the Sudanese Marshal


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al-Ahly Football Manager, confirmed that Mali Aliou Diang, the midfielder of the club's first team, will arrive in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after the end of his participation in the camp of his country's national team for the African Nations qualifiers to be held in Cameroon in 2021.