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Housewares Division: sales of kitchen appliances increased before Ramadan

Fathi El-Tahawy, deputy head of the Household Appliances Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that there is an increase in sales of a number of kitchen appliances popularly known as “rafia”, such as: “cups, utensils, spoons and plastic plates before the start of the month of Ramadan, due to the increased use during the holy month of On the other hand, sales of household and electrical appliances are declining due to the decrease in weddings this month, indicating that the prices of a number of household items have increased since last week, including: plastic products by 40%, and aluminum and steel products by an average of 25%, due to the increase in the prices of raw materials globally and the doubling of the cost Shipping.


Al-Tahawi added to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that Mother’s Day sales this year have decreased compared to last year, despite the stability of the prices of household and electrical appliances this year, adding that gifts of household appliances and electrical appliances, whose value ranges between 100 to 500 pounds, are the best selling during Mother's Day season, such as: sets of mugs, trays and mugs of household items, irons, hair straighteners and makeup tools.


In another context, Fathi Al-Tahawy said that the division held a meeting last week with a delegation from the Food Safety Authority, who presented the requirements for preserving foodstuffs and the requirements for packaging materials in contact with them, adding that the division confirmed to the authority's delegation not to produce or sell any products that enter into sale. Food.


Al-Tahawi added that it was agreed with the Food Safety Authority to submit a memorandum through the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce to the authority, to demand the cancellation of the costs of registering the division's stores in the authority. Not to include any foodstuffs in these stores, as well as to demand a reduction in the costs of registering the division's members with the authority; Due to the high cost of registration for members, and it is not possible to equalize them with food manufacturers.

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