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Liverpool news today about Klopp's criticism of the former team star for replacing Salah

German Pennant, the former Liverpool star, joined the list of English football experts who were amazed at the German coach Juergen Klopp's decision to change the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the team's striker, during Thursday's Chelsea match, which ended in the Reds' defeat 1-0, in the English Premier League.

Pennant criticizes the Liverpool coach

A large number of English critics were now against the switch, describing the decision as "absurd", "surprising" and "disturbing".

Klopp received some advice from Jermaine Pennant, who indicated that Klopp was even wrong to consider substituting a "player of this status".

"I'm worried you're going to get him away from you," said Pennant. "You're not attracting a player with this stature, not because he's older than the club, but because he can do more on the field, he can produce magic. We've seen that every season he plays for Liverpool." .

He added, "He can stay calm for 80 minutes and take off once from the field when they need to, but in a match like this, Salah should always be on the field."

He continued: "The introduction of Jota, a wonderful substitution. If he had been instead of Firmino, and with the presence of Jota, Mani and Salah on the field, they would have made the difference. I felt confused when he was substituted from the field."

He continued: "It was ridiculous to substitute him, if he was on the field, who knows what would happen? I think Klopp needs to be more logical than that, I think it was a ridiculous decision."

Liverpool coach justifies replacing Salah

The German coach Juergen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, spoke again about replacing the controversial Egyptian star Mohamed Salah against Chelsea in yesterday's match, which ended 1-0.

"Salah's change is not the biggest issue in the world, without Salah playing the last 30 minutes against Chelsea," Klopp said during the press conference for the team's match against Fulham on Sunday. "Maybe it is the reason that he will play against Fulham on Sunday."

He added, "Salah's change is normal and I am the one who makes decisions here and the players accept that, and I don't think it deserves a lot of talk about it. Salah is a great scorer and everyone knows that he could have scored more goals and he knows that too."

He continued: "We were late and this does not make any player happy, so he was sad to leave. He wanted to stay on the field, but it did not happen. It is a normal issue and everything is fine."

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