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Pyramids coach: The Egyptian league is strong ... and continues with the team

Argentine Rodolfo Aruabarina, coach of the Pyramids club team, said that he is happy to win and qualify for the second round of the Egyptian Cup, by winning four goals against a goal, explaining that the team retreated a little while the guest scored his only goal, but the Pyramids returned strongly, scoring a quadruple And he won by wide.


"There is a state of stress among the players due to the pressure of the League and Confederation matches, then the Egyptian Cup, and during the meeting he sought to conduct a rotation process among the participants to prepare everyone and prepare for the next stage," the coach said, in statements to Ontime Sports.

Aruabarina confirmed that Egyptian football is very strong and the league is difficult, and there are many ideas and wonderful skills that the players possess, and it is a very distinguished league, and he has some comments on the league's stadiums, and he hopes that the floors will improve in the next stage to help the players provide a better level.


The coach explained that Pyramids has a wonderful group of players in various centers, and seeks to employ these stars in matches, and the Pyramids project aims to build a strong team capable of winning various tournaments, and does not focus on anything other than winning, developing performance, level and playing on all the tournaments in which the team participates. .


The technical director of Pyramids added that he does not occupy his mind with rumors that haunt him to leave the team, and that the rumors have reached, in some cases, that he abandoned his wife and his family.