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Russia affirms the dependence of foreign interventions in Syria on all forms of international terrorism

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the crisis in Syria is the result of external interference in its internal affairs, noting that this intervention depended on international terrorism in all its forms, especially military and economic.

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated in a statement Friday that the countries that directly participated in the occurrence of this crisis are practicing double standards and continue to support forces that refuse dialogue to resolve the crisis, including terrorist organizations, and that these countries “bear the basic amount of responsibility for the continuation of this crisis.”

The statement indicated that Russian policies towards Syria were and still depend on respecting the country's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, stressing that Russia has made a decisive contribution to defeating the terrorist organization ISIS and inflicting losses on other international terrorist organizations in Syria.

The statement stressed that “Moscow, which takes a firm stand against international terrorism in all its forms and provides support in eliminating it on the Syrian territories, is sticking to its support for the political process led by the Syrians themselves in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and is doing everything it can in this regard within its contacts with the government and ( Opposition) to both ”.

The statement stated that Russia is convinced of the need for "the Syrian parties to reach a common vision for the country's future without any pressure from outside and impose artificial dates to achieve a final result," stressing the need for the international community to provide adequate conditions for the return of the displaced Syrians to their homes.

The statement indicated that the unilateral coercive measures against Syria are the result of the failure to implement Western plans against it militarily, pointing out that the West is politicizing the humanitarian aid file to it despite the suffering of the Syrian people due to the Corona pandemic and insists on sending it only to the areas where its agents are present.

The statement pointed out that "there are some flashpoints of tension that still exist in Idlib, from which the terrorists of the (Al-Nusra Front) organization make their stronghold, as well as in the areas of the illegal US military presence in the Al-Jazirah and Al-Tanf regions."

The statement concluded by calling for the crisis to not be politicized and to actively engage in providing international aid to the Syrian people in various fields.