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The price of iron today, per ton, ranges between 13800 - 14000 pounds

The prices of building materials in the market stabilized today, Saturday 3/27-2021, according to the General Division for Building Materials of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the main building materials of iron and cement.


Ahmed Al-Zaini, head of the General Division for Building Materials at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said, "The prices of steel reinforcement per ton range from 13,500 to 13,650 pounds, explaining that the price to the consumer ranges between 13,800 - 14,000 pounds per ton."


In exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Al-Zeiny added that cement prices range from 700-830 pounds per ton, and the price of a ton of white cement ranges between 2350-2450 pounds. Gypsum prices have been recorded at 550-650 pounds per ton, and sand ranges between 60-100 pounds per meter. Bricks 750-950 pounds per thousand bricks.

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