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The Times of India reveals 6 signs in the tongue that you have been infected with the Coronavirus

Corona virus affects all parts of the body, even on the tongue, as a new term appeared among the symptoms of the Corona virus, which is "Covid tongue" or "Covid tongue", where the tongue becomes red, inflamed and swollen in some patients, according to what the "Times of India" website stated. It is unclear whether the Corona tongue has a direct effect of the virus or a general response to the disease, however, identifying signs of infection can be a key to facilitating the diagnosis, in this report we recognize the signs on the tongue indicating that you are infected with the Coronavirus.

Signs in the tongue indicating that you are infected with the Coronavirus

Pains and lumps in the tongue

If you have an active body infection, one of the painful signs you may encounter includes bumps on the tongue and gums.

In some cases, patients can also have terrible sores on the surface of the tongue. All of these are signs of increased irritation or sensitivity. While these sores are said to disappear after a while, it can be a difficult and painful sensation to pass by and affect your eating patterns as well.

Dry mouth

Suffering from a dry mouth or tongue is usually a sign that your mouth is having difficulty performing its primary function, which is making saliva. Sometimes, dry mouth can also occur if you have a viral infection or a potential autoimmune flare-up.

Dehydration, medication use, or poor eating habits, which can occur with a viral infection, can also cause dry mouth.

A dry mouth can also lead to chapped lips, dryness and tongue sores, gum infections, and tooth decay, so if you start experiencing these symptoms, get them checked out right away.

Taste or change in taste

Dyspareunia or weak taste buds is a common sensation experienced by Corona patients, which can sometimes take up to weeks to return to normal completely.

According to case studies, corona may not only affect the way you smell things, but also can suffer from dyshidrosis. Patients suffer from a mysterious metallic taste in their mouths, which may make it difficult to routinely digest and eat foods.

In some cases, dyspraxia and hyphidrosis (decreased taste sensitivity) can precede other classic signs of a viral infection so take the test if you discover something unusual in your taste buds.

Changes in tongue sensation

One of the most common signs of an unhealthy tongue is a visible change in tongue color. A healthy tongue should be pink. Viral infection, allergies, and inflammation can cause large lumps and a change in the color and texture that you will be accustomed to seeing.

 Patients may also sometimes see spots on the tongue that may appear white, black, or dark in color.

Feeling of muscle pain while chewing food

Muscle pain is an increasingly common sign of infection. Muscle pain strikes when the virus damages muscle fibers and linings.

 For some, it can also cause uncomfortable pain while eating, when the muscles around the mouth become inflamed, it can be sore and prevent you from eating regularly.


Swelling and inflammation are signs of the virus spreading rapidly in your body as the virus continues to wreak havoc.It can also cause painful swelling in and around your tongue, and dryness and insufficient food supply can make it difficult for you to fight swelling.

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