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The US State Department condemns the arrest of former government officials in Bolivia

The US State Department has expressed the United States' grave concern about the current situation in Bolivia.

The US State Department - in a statement posted on its website - referred to the recent arrests and pre-trial imprisonment of officials of the former interim government in Bolivia, describing the matter as "indications of anti-democratic behavior and the politicization of the legal system in the country."

"We add our voice to the numerous statements issued by the European Union and the Bolivian Conference of Catholic Bishops, as well as Bolivian and international human rights organizations and others who have publicly raised serious questions about the legality of these arrests, the reasons for them that are based on baseless allegations, and the clear violations of procedures," the ministry said - in its statement. Legal prosecution, and politicization of the Bolivian government to a large extent. "

She added, "We celebrated the democratic success of the October elections in Bolivia. We also expressed our congratulations and best wishes for a strong relationship based on mutual respect with the administration of Bolivian President Louis Ars. However, the recent arrests of interim government officials are not in line with the democratic ideals of Bolivia, as they deny the extraordinary efforts of many Voters, candidates and Bolivian public servants that enabled the holding of the national elections in October 2020. "

The US State Department called on the Bolivian government to clarify its support for peace, democracy and national reconciliation, including by releasing detained former officials and conducting an independent and transparent investigation into human rights and due process concerns. It also called on all Bolivians, whether the authorities or protesters, to act with the same peace and restraint. And the respect they showed to the world during the recent electoral process.

The ministry emphasized that the United States stands with its Bolivian friends and neighbors in the common endeavor of more peaceful, prosperous and democratic societies.