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What is a cheat meal? ... and how does it affect weight loss plans?

Many people prefer to eat a cheat meal when following a diet in order to lose weight, and it is like a bonus or a grant that may be a day of the week or a month or only one meal of the day according to each person in order to control cravings for eating foods outside of the weight loss journey. And take a short break from it, according to "onlymyhealth".

- Is eating a cheat meal true?

A reward-based cheat meal or short break may be effective if you are able to implement a good, low-calorie diet, as the body must use and burn stored fats and carbohydrates to gain energy without gaining any additional calories.

How and when do you eat a cheat meal?

Often a cheat meal includes high-calorie foods that are not allowed to be consumed while following a strict weight loss diet, but you have to maintain the total number of calories while eating these delicacies, as nutritionist Dr. Anam says that if you follow 90% of Plan your diet to lose weight, it is possible to eat a cheat meal twice a week without disturbing your diet, and there is no specific time or day to eat the cheat meal, but you can set it for yourself or with the help of your dietitian according to your body.

What have the studies said about the cheat meal?

According to some studies, one cheat meal can be enjoyed every week. Providing a mental break from a strict diet can be beneficial for your metabolism and aid in healthy weight loss.

Are cheat meals effective?

The effectiveness of cheat meals varies from person to person and depends largely on the type of diet you have and the amount of calories in your meal, with the importance of taking into account consuming fewer calories than the amount you burn in the day.

 What are the downsides of eating a cheat meal?

1- It can lead to a binge eating unhealthy foods and drinks that are difficult to control over and over again, which disrupts the weight-loss system.

2- Loss of self-confidence and properly completing the weight loss plan again.

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