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All you need to know about the Government Excellence Award

In light of the sustainable development plan "Egypt Vision 2030", which provides for the formation of an efficient, effective and well-governed administrative apparatus that in turn contributes to the achievement of development and responds to citizens, and believing in the role of the Egyptian government in achieving the goals of the reform trend adopted by the state, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development has been keen to make an awareness shift In the institutional performance through the "Egypt Award for Government Excellence", in order to keep pace with developments and develop human capabilities through the presence of a national award for government excellence


The goal of the winner?

It is represented in achieving sustainable development strategy: Egypt's vision 2030, as well as enhancing the spirit of competitiveness and a culture of excellence at the level of government institutions, which will have an impact on the citizen, in addition to honoring the distinguished, improving the level of services and adhering to the standards of quality and excellence while making a qualitative leap in institutional performance and developing human capabilities to keep pace with developments.


What is the number of applicants for the award?

The current session of the award witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of applicants, bringing the total number of candidates to about 3058, compared to 2,151 in the first session of 2019.


What are the most important training programs implemented?

Training 6,660 trainees from the entities participating in the two awards of the Distinguished Institution and the Service Unit in its various categories on the standards of the Governmental Excellence System.


What are the conditions for nomination for the Egypt Award for Government Excellence?

C - That the institution is an Egyptian governmental institution (college, city, village, center, neighborhood) in addition to being within the categories specified for participation in the award.


It is mentioned that the conditions for the Distinguished Unity Award in providing government services are that the center has an independent headquarters and an institutional identity consistent with the identity of the entity affiliated to it, and in the event that the center is located within a common administrative building, the place designated for customer service must form an independent unit of the building, in addition to not The number of front row (windows) offices is less than two, and the number of working days in the center is not less than 5 days per week, provided that the center has a responsible manager, and the average monthly number of customers is not less than 1000, and for rehabilitation offices, the monthly number of dealers is not less than 100 dealers, in addition to the center being fully automated, noting that the applicant entity must provide a physical evidence (printed from the system) of the total transactions that took place in the last six months and attached to the candidacy application