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Austria demands an end to the clashes between the Palestinians and the Israelis in Jerusalem

Austria demanded today an end to clashes between Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem, and the Austrian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that attacks and acts of violence between the two sides are unacceptable, expressing concern over the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel.


New clashes took place in Jerusalem, resulting in injuries and arrests, after hundreds of Palestinians clashed with police near the Damascus Gate in the Old City.


Earlier, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States condemned the attacks by settlers and the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinians in East Jerusalem last night, stressing that the pace of provocation by Jewish extremists has continued to escalate in Jerusalem during the past days, and that the occupation state is protecting crimes Settlers and encourage it.

A responsible source quoted Abul-Gheit as saying that the act of provocation appears to be intended in order to ignite the situation in the Holy City, to move forward with Judaization schemes, and to establish a new existing situation that places restrictions on Muslims even on the holiest days of the year for them.

Aboul Gheit held the Israeli authorities responsible for the ongoing escalation, stressing that the climate of incitement spread by the extreme right-wing movement in Israel aims to score political points at the expense of the lives and security of the Palestinians, calling on the international community to show solidarity with the Palestinian people who seek to preserve their inalienable rights in the city of Jerusalem, and looks forward to To legislative and presidential elections to be held soon in all the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.