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Breakfast Cannon .. Gerrard's missile leads Liverpool to the FA Cup title

The famous goals have unforgettable stories from the scenes of the players before and after they were scored, and how those goals affected the magic of the round and remained engraved in the minds of all football fans. Throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, we will provide you with a daily report entitled "Al-Iftar Al-Iftar", in which we review the story of one of the famous goals.

Today our story with the missile goal scored by Steven Gerrard, the star of Liverpool, against West Ham and led the Reds to the FA Cup.

On May 13, 2006, Liverpool bumped into West Ham in the FA Cup final, and the Reds trailed 2-3 until the 90th minute, in which Gerrard fired a missile from 40 yards away, tearing through West Ham's nets, and achieving a draw at a deadly time.

The match moves to the extra rounds, then reaches a penalty shootout, and Liverpool wins it 3-1, and is crowned champion of the FA Cup, and the reason is in the heart of the scenario Gerrard's missile goal.