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Here is the Olympics .. Sleep deprives the duo from London competitions

Here the Olympiad is a continuous series during the month of Ramadan on the previous Olympic Games, and the most important information about the Egyptian missions, and the history of their participation in the Olympiad from its inception until now.

Egypt participated in the London 2012 Olympic Games with several sports and reached 19 games, including wrestling.


Karam Jaber, player of the wrestling team, achieved second place and a silver medal, but a strange incident was the two heroes of the game, Omar Abdo and Saleh Emara, who were excluded from the competition of the game in the role of 16, and the result was calculated in favor of their competitors for their failure to attend at the date of the match.


Omar Abdo was scheduled to meet the player from Armenia, who weighs 66 kg, while Saleh Amara will meet the Georgia player.


The duo failed to attend, believing that the matches would start at one in the afternoon, but were presented on the last day to take place at nine in the morning London time, due to the staging of the tournament's closing ceremony.


When the two players were asked about the reason for not attending, they said that they were asleep, and no one informed them of the change in the date of the competitions, whether the coach or the administrator