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Know that you are kind enough to others according to your sign ... Libra 100% and Scorpio 0

Kindness and friendliness is one of the most important positive qualities that a person may have in this world, and the truth is that all of us carry these traits in different proportions, for in some it is a very clear and apparent trait and for others it is present in a very small percentage, and the percentage of these traits in each person can be identified according to For astrological signs, PinkVilla reported.

Libra is 100% cute.

Libra is the nicest person ever, he is a person who makes a great effort to be nice and friendly with everyone, they are the people who achieve balance and always maintain peace among people, and no matter how much harm they are exposed to, only kindness.

Pisces is 95% cute.

Pisces like to be kind to others, as they do not stop doing good with them and helping them, they are not only kind, but they also have a lot of altruism.

Taurus is 80% cute.

Taureans are not only kind to others, but they act as if they are from a beautiful time, you will find them opening the door for you, helping you to carry your bags, and allowing you to pass first.

An Aquarius is 75% cute.

Aquarius is very nice and friendly, they prefer getting to know people and want to have some fruitful conversations with them, they love meeting new people and making new friends.

Sagittarius is cute 60%

Sagittarians make a lot of effort to be kind to others. They are free-spirited people. They do not like to talk about anything bad or negative so as not to cause any bad feelings to others.

Gemini is 50% cute.

A Gemini can be cute or very rude depending on his temperament, he is easily bored of anything, so there are chances to see his dry behavior when he is in a state of boredom, but when he is happy he will be very nice.

Cancer is 45% cute.

Cancerians are very good people, but it depends on their mood. When they are hurt, angry, or upset, they will be completely violent with others. Otherwise, they are emotional and have a good heart.

Leo is 30% cute.

Leo likes to be nice to be in the spotlight, they are attention seekers, they try their best to focus on their kind behavior and if the kind behavior on them does not return anything they will not do.

Virgo is cute by 25%.

A Virgo can be nice if he puts his tension aside, otherwise his behavior can be a bit aggressive.

Aries are cute at 15%.

Aries can not forget anything to you, they have a memory that stores everything and can relate events through it, so you find it difficult for them to be nice to others, most of the time because of their preoccupation with thinking in useless details.

Capricorn is 10% cute.

Capricorns are often dry, their way of expressing feelings can make people run away from them, they are very moody, which is why they can sometimes be described as difficult people to deal with.

Scorpio is cute at 0%.

Scorpios are the saddest sign of the sign, they will treat you with their behavior if they are not happy, and they are good at ignoring others.

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