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Macro Group postpones offering its shares on the Egyptian Stock Exchange until market conditions improve

The Macro Group Pharmaceutical Company (Macro Capital) announced the postponement of the company's stock offering, and the consequent delay in trading its shares for another time, referring to the reason in light of studying the extent of the market’s absorption of simultaneous offerings, whether during the past days or during the next few period, Provided that the offering plan will be announced later at a more appropriate time, in order for the market to absorb the capabilities and components of the company and the size of the offering.


The Financial Supervisory Authority announced the approval of the approval of the prospectus for offering shares of the Macro Group Pharmaceuticals Company (Macro Capital) to sell a maximum number of 264.5 million shares, up to 45.8% of the company's issued capital at a maximum price of 6.15 pounds, through offering in the secondary market. The company must comply with all declarations, pledges, provisions, laws and rules governing the capital market without the slightest responsibility on the authority, provided that it submits to the Stock Exchange before the offering, undertakings that the retention percentage of the main shareholders is not less than The company is about the percentage specified in accordance with Article 7 of the rules for listing and delisting securities for a period of two years.


The public and private offering of the shares of Macro Group Pharmaceuticals Company (Macro Capital) issued for 264.5 million shares, or 45.8% of the issued company’s shares, will be executed at a price of LE 6.18 per share, distributed between a public offering of 13.2 million shares representing 5% of the total shares offered for sale. It represents 2.3% of the total issued company shares, and a private placement of 251.3 million shares represents 95% of the number of shares offered for sale, which represents 43.5% of the total issued company shares.


The offering of Macro Capital, CI Capital to promote and cover IPOs, is managed by Renaissance Capital Egypt to promote and cover IPOs in securities, and MHR and their partners jointly with Wide & Case, the legal advisor to the company in the offering process, and acted as the future financial advisor. Grant Thornton Financial Advisors for Securities.

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