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Representative Hind Rashad: Usama Haykal's procrastination in appearing before the House of Representatives is unacceptable

Representative Hind Rashad, a member of the House of Representatives, confirmed that Osama Heikal, Minister of State for Information, was negligent in responding to the report of the Council's Culture and Information Committee, which came based on his statement submitted to the Council, and he apologized for appearing before the House more than once, which is unacceptable. Disregarding the council that represents the people.

Rashad explained in statements to her that the Culture and Information Committee's rejection of the minister's statement was based on evidence and evidence, which made the council await its response with evidence and documents, but he did not come and did not present any documents that respond to the above, and there was unacceptable procrastination and procrastination, noting that His vision of dealing with more than one issue was absent, including the attempts to sow discord by the hostile media abroad.

The member of the House of Representatives indicated that the media policy that he pursues in his work has not yet appeared in implementation, which makes it that there is a failure in the tasks that fall upon him, including at least coordination between bodies to confront the plans to broadcast the hostile media discourse from abroad.

Counselor Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of Parliament, had confirmed that the parliament had given the Minister of State for Information a month and a half and not two weeks, as the minister requested to prepare the response to the report of the Media, Culture and Antiquities Committee, saying: “The Minister of State apologized to the media more than once for attending the Parliament sessions, I sensed He has the presidency of the council in the presence of arguments on the part of the minister, procrastinating and wasting the time of the council, and disrupting the exercise of its supervisory role guaranteed by the constitution. "

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