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Sky News: 3 people were arrested in the vicinity of the perpetrator of the stabbing attack on a policewoman with a knife south of Paris

"Sky News Arabia" reported, in urgent news, that 3 people had been arrested from the vicinity of the attacker who stabbed a policewoman with a knife in Rompuay, south of Paris, according to judicial sources.

A French judicial source, according to Western media, said that the man who stabbed an administrative employee of the French police at the entrance to a police station in Rambouillet near Paris on Friday chanted during the attack, saying: "God is great."

On Friday, Radio Europe 1 reported that the French policewoman was stabbed at the entrance to a police station in Rambouillet, a town located 57 kilometers southwest of Paris. The BFM television channel reported that the policewoman died of her injury. "Europe 1" radio added that the police shot the attacker and security personnel at the scene of the accident managed to control him.