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The Football Association refers the Zamalek youth video to the Disciplinary Committee, after the words coming out

The Egyptian Football Association decided to refer the video spread by some players of the Zamalek team, born in 1999, to the Disciplinary Committee headed by Counselor Sayed Bendari, for the dismissal of what was mentioned by the players from chants outside the sportsmanship against officials of competing clubs.

During the past hours, the sports street lived an exciting crisis between the two poles of Egyptian football regarding defining the champion of the republic, after both teams celebrated the coronation in a rare precedent that we saw almost only in Egypt.

Al-Ahly defeated Zamalek yesterday, Sunday, with two goals for one goal during the meeting that was held at Al-Ahly branch in Nasr City, and after the match the crisis erupted due to determining who wins the Youth League title for those born in 99, especially since the competition was between Al-Ahly and Zamalek after they were equal in points after Al-Ahly's victory over Zamalek 2 / 1 So that the two teams are equal in the number of points, and Zamalek celebrates after it because it is the league champion due to the goal difference, and Al-Ahly also celebrated the title on the grounds that it is the champion in direct confrontations.

The crisis began when a league of 99 of 3 groups was established to climb the first 3 teams, and there was an agreement to establish a league of two rounds for the 9 qualified teams, but the tripartite committee of the Football Association decided to settle for a league with one role and did not amend the list and was satisfied with the list of the first season, which states that In the event that two teams are equal in the number of points, direct confrontations are resorted to, and accordingly Al-Ahly approved that it is the champion of the league after its victory over Zamalek due to direct confrontations.

While Zamalek considered himself a winner because direct confrontations are not considered except in the establishment of two matches between the same two teams, back and forth, which did not happen, and therefore Zamalek considered himself a winner of the league championship.

The Egyptian Football Association decided to complete the Republic competitions for those born in 1999 and 2001 in its second phase of one round, with the decision to resume the junior championships on the first of this April, in line with the decision of the Crisis Committee of the Council of Ministers with the establishment of a decisive match in the event that two teams are equal in the number of points.

The Football Association found in front of it only confirmation of the establishment of a decisive match between the two poles on April 20 to determine the champion of the Republic League, so that a state of anticipation prevails over this match, which has begun to attract attention.