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US sources: The Pentagon decided to send a special operations battalion to secure the withdrawal from Afghanistan

US news sources close to the administration of US President Joe Biden revealed the Pentagon’s intention to send a 650-strong battalion to Afghanistan to secure the withdrawal and evacuation process that the US armed forces will carry out for its soldiers working on Afghan soil, which is scheduled to take place next September.

The American military platform "The Military" and also the "CNN" news network, said that the American withdrawal insurance battalion will be sent to Afghanistan within the next few days and that this measure was approved by "Lloyd Austin," the US Secretary of Defense a week ago. As part of a package of military measures that ensure that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghan lands is "orderly and secure" at the same time, in a manner that guarantees its completion by the eleventh of next September.

According to the American sources, the withdrawal security force that will be pushed to Afghanistan is tracking the organization of the 75th Corps of Commandos and American Special Operations that serve some of its sub-formations in Afghanistan currently among the forces that will be withdrawn, and the US withdrawal security force from Afghanistan will be supported by warships from A-C-130 model to ensure that the retreating forces are not subjected to any retaliatory attacks during their exit, as well as the US Secretary of Defense to extend the mission of the US aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower and the B-52 strategic bomber in the area in order to conduct fire strikes if necessary. If the Taliban forces to attack the retreating American forces.

Experts say that despite the continued presence of the US aircraft carrier and strategic bombers, the most arduous task remains on the shoulders of the insurance battalion of American special operations personnel who were decided to pay them to Afghanistan due to the fact that the nature of their work will be on the ground and they will be charged with securing collection and transportation operations. The American forces are stationed in remote and remote areas along Afghanistan, especially in its southern and eastern regions, from which the evacuation of American forces will begin.