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3 regions in Italy are turning white after the risk of Corona decreases and the preparation for vaccination of children

Three Italian regions have recently turned white, namely: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardinia and Molise, as white areas of low risk of the Corona virus have become, as of Monday, thanks to the published infection data.

This means that many of the restrictions imposed on the Corona virus can be eased in these areas, with the exception of a commitment to wearing a muzzle and respecting physical distancing, and the rest of the country is a moderate-risk yellow area in the country's graduated system of Corona restrictions, according to the Italian agency, ANSA.

On Sunday, Italy recorded 44 deaths related to COVID-19, the lowest daily toll since last October.

The agency indicated that, starting from June 3, every person in Italy aged 12 years and over will have the right to receive vaccination against the emerging corona virus, with the launch of a comprehensive vaccination campaign.

According to the emergency commissioner, General Vigliolo, a comprehensive campaign will be launched on June 3, and it will affect all companies as well, indicating that the Italian Medicines Agency will give its opinion on the vaccination of young age groups, after the European Medicines Agency gave its opinion with approval.

"I already included teenagers in the plan presented in March, which included groups between 12 and 15 years," Vigliolo said, which numbered 2 million and 300 thousand people.

For his part, Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, praised this important step, which precedes the reopening of schools scheduled for next September.