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Increase the percentage of freight subsidies to Africa to 80% by the export subsidy program within days

Dr. Majid George, Chairman of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Export Council, said that in the coming days, the percentage of freight subsidies to Africa in the new program to support exports will be announced to 80%.


He explained during the council’s seminar titled "The strategy of exporting medicine to Africa" ​​that the subsidy would cover sea and air freight, noting that the previous subsidy rate was estimated at 50%.


George stated that this is within the framework of the state’s targeting to give a strong impetus to Egyptian exports, especially to Africa, explaining that the focus is on the African market as it is a main window for Egyptian exports.


He explained that the Council focuses on this market because of the possibility of expanding it during the coming period and meeting the needs of this market in terms of medical supplies and medicines, stressing the importance of the Egyptian presence in the countries of the African continent, and this is very clear in the export support program, which supports shipping to Africa.


He pointed out that the council also proposed and demanded that export subsidies include support for drug registration files in different countries by 50%, due to the high cost.


Egyptian medical exports witnessed a growth of 49% during the first quarter of 2021, to record 176 million dollars, compared to 118 million dollars in the first quarter of 2020.