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Learn the symptoms of black fungus infection, including facial pain

While people wait for the third wave of the Corona pandemic to subside, mucous fungi or black fungi are rapidly emerging as another threat to public health, and more than 2,000 cases of fatal fungal infections have already been reported from various hospitals in India, according to what he said. Onlymyhealth.

The infection was discovered in cases of patients who are recovering from the Corona virus or who have already recovered from the virus.

A statement issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) stated that Corona virus patients who suffer from chronic diseases, or who are committed to staying for a longer period in hospitals or other serious medical conditions are more at risk of infection with fungi.

What is black fungus?

Mucosal disease can be life-threatening in people with diabetes or those with severe immunodeficiency.


Dr Anant Mohan, Head of the Pulmonary Medicine Authority in Delhi State, India, said, “Black fungus is not a new thing but given that there are a large number of Covid patients at the moment who are taking more steroids and have uncontrolled diabetes the risk is increasing, we can say that the combination of use Unsuitable steroids and uncontrolled diabetes lead to the development of this disease. "


Signs and symptoms of black fungus


Sinusitis: It is essentially a swelling of the tissues lining the sinuses.


Facial pain, swelling, or numbness: If you are experiencing discomfort or have localized pain in the cheekbone, pain in one face, numbness, or any type of swelling, it is time to be careful.


If you notice dark discoloration on the bridge of the nose, you must take appropriate measures.


If there is any loose teeth or jaw problems, it could be mucosal disease.


A person suffering from a mucosal fungus may have blurred vision or duality with pain.


Worsening of respiratory symptoms are also signs that you need to consult your doctor.


Mushrooms are more deadly for diabetics, so diabetics must keep their sugar levels under control.