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The Sun: Boris Johnson marries fiancée Carrie Symonds, July 2022

British press reports said that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will marry his fiancée Carrie Symonds and the mother of his youngest son in July next year, as they sent the invitation cards with the date of the wedding to family and friends, according to what the Sun newspaper reported.

 Johnson and Carey have been engaged since late 2019, but like many, they have delayed their plans to marry due to the Corona epidemic with restrictions imposed on the number of people who can attend the celebrations.

The Guardian said this would be Johnson's third marriage, but Symonds' first.

 It was not known precisely where Johnson and his fiancée would celebrate the event. But the Prime Minister's residence in Buckinghamshire, Checkers, is expected to host the wedding. Another possible place is said to be Port Lempen Park in Kent, where Symonds works for the charity.

 Previous reports indicated that the wedding could take place in Italy, where Symonds has relatives. A source told The Sun that it would be nice for Checkers to be in the news for one-time happy reasons. The newspaper indicated that the wedding venue will remain secret, but the wedding date cards are written on them July 30.

 Johnson, 55, and Simmonds, 33, are considered the first unmarried partners to live in Downing Street, and they moved in July 2019. Reports indicated that he applied to marry her during a vacation in the Caribbean. Their engagement and Symonds' pregnancy were announced in February last year.