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Algerian Army Commander: We tell those who try to tarnish our reputation that our response will be decisive

The Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army, Said Chanegriha, warned the "sick and power-hungry" parties that the armed forces would respond in a "cruel and decisive" manner, and this came in a speech he delivered, during a working visit and inspection to the fourth military district in the city of Ouargla, according to the Russia Today network.

In his speech, he said, "Algeria does not and will not accept any threat or intimidation from any party whatsoever, nor will it acquiesce to any party, no matter how powerful, and from here we warn the most severe warning, these parties and all those who beg themselves to be sick and thirsty for power, against the consequences of prejudice the reputation, security and territorial integrity of Algeria.

He added: "Let them know that the response will be harsh and decisive, and that the strong Algeria, with its valiant army, and its rebellious and struggling people through the ages, and rooted in its glorious history, is too honorable for some imbeciles and reckless people to obtain."

He pointed out that "Algeria has sought and is still seeking, based on its position as a pivotal country in the region, to support all international initiatives aimed at restoring security and stability to neighboring countries."