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Algerian swimmer dies at the age of 17 after suffering a heart attack

Algerian swimmer, Manal Haboub, suffered a heart attack, which caused her death at the age of 17.

And Algerian newspapers revealed that the swimming pills for the national team and the Al-Ittihad team left our world yesterday evening, Saturday, before taking the “baccalaureate” exam that was scheduled for today, Sunday, according to the Russian Sputnik agency.

The young swimmer suffered a sudden heart attack during a training session, while the Minister in charge of Elite Sports, Salima Sawakri, offered her condolences to the family of the deceased.

In her condolences, the minister said: With hearts that believe in God’s cause and destiny, I received the news of the death of the late Haboub Manal, the swimmer for the national team, and the Union of the Capital Club. To the family of the late, and to the sports family in general, and the swimming family in particular, beseeching the Lord Almighty to bestow mercy and forgiveness on the soul of the deceased, to dwell in the vast gardens of Rizwan, and to inspire her family and relatives beautiful patience and solace.

In another context, an Irish astrologer had predicted that one of the players would fall in the Euro 2020 matches and suffer a heart attack, days before the Danish Christian Eriksen fell today during the Finland match, who was injured in his country’s match against Finland at the “Parken Stadion” “In Copenhagen, as part of the first round of Group B in the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020”, which is currently being held and will continue until next July 11, with the participation of 24 teams and hosted by 11 different cities.

Eriksen lost consciousness and fell to the ground in a state of shock among his teammates, as the health of the Danish international player and Inter Milan star, who was recently crowned the Italian League champion, is not yet clear.

"The player will suffer a heart attack in the middle of the match, and he will not survive," the Irish astrologer said on his Twitter account.

He added: "An English fan will be banned for life from all football stadiums in Britain for racist abuse of a competitive player at Wembley."

"There will be a terrorist attack in one of the games that will kill more than 20 people," he said.