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Ceramica: We did not negotiate with Bwalya or any player from Al-Ahly

Moataz El-Batawy, the sports director of Ceramica Club, revealed that his club's management did not enter into any negotiations with Walter Bwalya, the Al-Ahly striker, saying: "We hope that Ahmed Yasser Rayan will continue with us next season, but if he returns, we will certainly look for alternatives, but so far we have not negotiated with Bwalya or a player." from Al-Ahly.

And the sports director of Ceramica Club continued, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, on Ontime Sports, with the journalist Ahmed Schubert: "We will discuss with Dia El-Sayed his needs for the new season, but so far we have not identified specific names."

And about Muhammad Ibrahim and his departure for Zamalek, he said: “All the talk about Muhammad Ibrahim’s transfer to Zamalek, we hear it from the social media only, but so far we have not received an official offer, and if an offer is received, it will certainly be discussed.”

And Mohamed Ibrahim, the Ceramica game maker, hinted at his desire to return to Zamalek again, as Ibrahim re-published a picture of him via Instagram with Shikabala, the current Zamalek leader, and the Ceramica game maker published the photo with a comment: “God willing, we will gather from again” with Zamalek’s Emotion and Love.


Earlier, Mohamed Ibrahim revealed his club's ambitions for the Premier League this season, stressing that every match that Ceramica enters seeks to win, and we aspire to end the season in a distinguished position that gives us the opportunity to appear in Africa, we know that it is very difficult, but we are tired and do everything we can. "


Mohamed Ibrahim said in televised statements, "My relationship is wonderful with Saleh Jumaa, as he is a great player and useful for any team, and in Ceramica we have an integrated system and a football coach who is skilled in employing all players with great professionalism, and I was not worried during the period of the team's results shaking, as we are a rising team for the first time in the league season and of course We need time for harmony, and stability in the club gives us a good opportunity to show our capabilities, especially since the team includes a distinguished group of players."