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CNN: China is close to vaccinating one billion people, with a speed and breadth that no other country has seen

CNN said that China will reach, within days, one billion doses of vaccinations for its population against Covid 19, at a speed and scale not seen in any other country in the world.

As of Wednesday, China had provided more than 945 million doses, three times what the United States provided, and about 40% of the total 2.5 billion doses of Corona that were given globally.

The American network confirmed, that this number is very remarkable given that the distributithe vaccine in China was slow at first, as China reached the first million people to be vaccinated on March 27, and it was two weeks late than the United States, but the pace of vaccination accelerated significantly in May, and the More than 500 million doses were distributed last month, according to a statement by China's National Health Commission.

Last Tuesday alone, more than 20 million doses were distributed, and at this rate, China is expected to be close to completing one billion doses by the coming days.

CNN says that vaccinating a country of 1.4 billion people against Covid 19 is a huge task, and due to the successful containment of the Corona virus in China, many residents initially saw no urgent need to get vaccinated.

But several recent local outbreaks have fueled fears of infection, leading to increased uptake of vaccination in affected areas.

The CNN report talked about the comprehensive campaign organized by the Chinese authorities to vaccinate everyone who can be vaccinated in the country in both major cities and small villages, and government workers arrived in neighborhoods to persuade people to get the vaccine. At state-owned companies, employees were urged by their superiors to get the shots, while vaccination sites offered benefits ranging from shopping vouchers to free groceries and ice cream.