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Does the Corona virus affect red blood cells? .. Know the answer

The beginning of the new wave of corona witnessed changes in some symptoms related to infection, and among the few new symptoms of corona infection, shortness of breath or severe oxygen deprivation, after the virus entered the body, it infects immature red blood cells (RBC), which eventually leads to a decrease in the level of oxygen. in the blood, causing serious effects on the immune system response.

Causes of low oxygen level


A study published in the journal Stem Cell Reports revealed why many corona patients, even those who are not in hospital, suffer from hypoxia, a potentially dangerous condition where there is a lack of oxygen in the body's tissues.

The Canadian study from the University of Alberta also sheds light on why the anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone is an effective treatment for symptoms of corona.

The researchers said, that low levels of oxygen in the blood is a major problem in Corona patients, and for this reason, we thought that one possible mechanism might be that Corona affects the production of red blood cells.

According to the researchers in the study, as the disease worsens, immature RBCs flow into the circulation, sometimes making up up to 60 percent of the total cells in the blood, and the team also found that dexamethasone inhibits the response of the ACE2 receptors to corona in immature RBCs. The drug also increases the rate at which immature RBCs mature, which helps cells eliminate their nuclei faster.

What is the normal oxygen saturation range?


Oxygen saturation generally refers to the actual percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin present in a person's blood traveling from the lungs to various other organs of the body, and this is one of the most vital functions of the human body.

A person is considered healthy when the oxygen level is above 94, and the saturation level can range anywhere between 94-100, but when the oxygen level is below 94, it can lead to hypoxia, which can lead to many Health complications.

Signs of needing medical help if the oxygen level is low


Oxygen is important to the functioning of the body, and any decrease in its level can become fatal. Here are some warning signs that can tell you that your oxygen level is low and that you need medical support.

Unexplained chest pain (persistent).

When your oxygen level is below 90 for more than one to two hours.

Sudden discoloration of your lips and skin.

A lack of oxygen in the body can also lead to neurological complications.