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Euro 2020 .. Sweden challenges Ukraine in the final of the round of 16 tonight

The Swedish national team will meet with its Ukrainian counterpart, at nine in the evening, today, Tuesday, at the “Hampden Park” stadium in the Scottish city of Glasgow, at the end of the 16th round of the current edition of the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020”, which is currently being held in 11 different cities and will continue until Next July 11th.

The Swedish national team achieved a great surprise by qualifying for the round of 16 in the current version of the Euro, and is at the top of the table of Group E, which included teams: Spain, Poland, and Slovakia.

Sweden topped Group E with 7 points, with two wins over Slovakia 1-0 and Poland 3-2, and a negative draw with Spain. Its players scored 4 goals and conceded two goals.

While the Ukrainian team booked its place in the Euro 2020 final for the first time in history, among the top 4 third-placed teams, with only 3 points, bringing them third in Group C behind the Netherlands and Austria.

The Ukrainian national team achieved a single victory, which came at the expense of North Macedonia, with two goals against a goal, while losing the two matches of the Netherlands 3-2, and Austria 1-0.

For his part, the coach of the Swedish national team, Jan Andersson, called on the fans of his country to support him before the upcoming confrontation that brings him together against his Ukrainian counterpart, promising the fans to make every effort to reach the farthest point in the tournament.

"It's great to have a job that makes so many people happy," the Sweden coach said during a press conference. "I want to thank all the fans who support us."

He added: "Go on and we will do our best on the field to play more matches in this tournament, on that day I told my players that I don't want to be anywhere else in the world but that room, at that moment with these people."