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France supplies Tunisia with 3 oxygen production machines

Tunisian Minister of Health, Faouzi Mahdi, revealed that his country had acquired 3 huge oxygen production machines to boost the oxygen supply in public hospitals, as part of a French donation, during the official visit that French Prime Minister Jean Castex will make to Tunisia on the 2nd and 3rd of June.

Mahdi confirmed - to the Tunis Africa News Agency on the sidelines of a hearing held by the Health and Social Affairs Committee of the Tunisian Parliament - that these devices can relieve material pressure on hospitals, pointing out that Tunisia can acquire other quantities of these machines to produce oxygen within the scope of cooperation with France in If the experiment to produce oxygen by these machines was successful.

He added that the ministry is working to support the oxygen stocks in public hospitals in order to confront the possibility of a fourth wave of the spread of the new Corona virus, which, according to the ministry's estimates, is likely to start in mid-June, to reach its climax in August, with estimates of 4 thousand deaths during this period.