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German Würzburg pays tribute to the victims of the stabbing attack and investigations continue

The German city of Forsburg held a memorial ceremony in honor of the victims of the stabbing attack that killed three women and wounded others, including a child, in conjunction with continuing investigations into the motives of the attack and the attack on Merkel by the Alternative Party, due to her past decision to accept refugees.

On Sunday, the German city of Forsburg mourns the victims of the attack, which killed three people, and the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Soder, is expected to attend the memorial service at the Kilian Cathedral.

On Friday, a Somali man attacked passers-by with a knife, killing three women, and Forsburg police said Sunday that their ages ranged between 24 and 82 years. Five people were seriously injured, one of them was very serious before it was stable last night, and two others were slightly injured.

The German authorities are conducting extensive investigations, to find out the cause of the attack, whether extremism or the psychological factor behind the attack.

The Somali suspect, who arrived in Germany in 2015, carried out targeting a shop that sells household equipment before heading to a bank, and video recordings spread on the Internet showed passers-by, some carrying chairs, as they tried to prevent the attacker's advance, before the police came and controlled him later by shooting. on the lower part of his body.

Investigators found records showing that the man was receiving treatment in a psychiatric clinic, while indicating that he was not an Islamist known to the authorities, but one of the witnesses said that he shouted "God is great" during the attack, which raised questions about his motives.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann said that the police were still looking at evidence, including two mobile phones, at the same time, stressing that "the evidence of possible Islamic extremism and the evidence of a possible psychological defect in the perpetrator can not conflict."

While the police seem reticent to provide more details about the motives for the attack, the online version of the newspaper "Der Spiegel" stated that the suspect said during his interrogation that what he had done was part of "jihad."

The newspaper "Build Daily" said that the police found propaganda materials issued by ISIS in the garbage can of a homeless shelter in which the suspect resided, but the security services refused to confirm what was stated in the two reports.