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Giza Chamber of Commerce: We seek to govern the Chamber to ensure absolute transparency in performance

The Giza Chamber of Commerce announced the signing of a "protocol" agreement with the Egyptian Institute of Directors of the Financial Supervisory Authority to start implementing the principles of governance in the Chamber of Commerce in Giza.


This came in accordance with what the state has been striving for during the recent period and in line with the vision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which aims to implement governance systems in various bodies and institutions.


Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, director of the Managers Center of the Financial Supervisory Authority, and his assistant Muhammad Riyad, visited the chamber's president in the presence of Adel Razeen, the chamber's secretary-general, after the chamber's president visited the authority and the center to prepare for the draft protocol.


The draft agreement included that the directors’ center would provide technical, training and rehabilitation advice to the chamber’s employees in order to start implementing governance systems, which includes controlling the role of current and future boards of directors in light of the organizational relationship provided by governance, in addition to providing training and qualification programs for employees, clients and members of the Chamber of Commerce to spread the concept of Governance and its role in raising the efficiency of institutional work.


Mohamed Imbabi, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza, confirmed that the Chamber’s direction to implement governance systems during the coming period aims to tighten control mechanisms and follow up on the institution’s employees and members of the boards of directors in a way that achieves full transparency and preserves the rights of all, in accordance with the rules that will be issued in agreement with the Center of Directors, which guarantees the affiliate members Chamber To provide wise management of the Chamber to ensure the greatest degree of transparency and to provide oversight mechanisms for employees and boards of directors.


It is worth mentioning that governance is a set of rules and regulations that control the work of companies, achieve effective control over the boards of directors of bodies and institutions, and regulate the relationship between stakeholders to ensure the greatest degree of transparency, justice and combating corruption.