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How to get rid of a "mole" by several medical methods..Laser is the most prominent one

Skin moles or what we call them “good deeds” may trouble many who are looking for many ways to get rid of them, especially those that spread on the face, and moles appear anywhere on the skin, including the scalp, ears, eyelids and lips, and they are the result of the formation of clumps of melanocytes The pigment-producing cells in the skin that lead to the appearance of "favors" all over your body.

According to a report published on the website medicinenet, genes play a role in the appearance of moles on the body, in addition to continuous exposure to sunlight, and moles may appear in different forms, they may be high or completely flat, and may appear in newborns and continue to appear until the age of thirty, where Most people do not develop new moles after the age of 30.

Experts emphasized that there are several ways to get rid of moles from the face that may affect the levels of self-confidence of people, especially girls and women, who want to always appear attractive and decent, in addition to obtaining clear skin free of any skin pigmentation that affects its freshness.

The doctor may resort to several methods to remove them, including the following:

1. Surgery

Here, surgical excision is resorted to, especially when the mole is deep within the layers of the skin, and surgical scissors are used with a local anesthetic, and may leave minor traces, but they disappear with time.

2. Use moxibustion

The doctor uses cauterization in some cases, which ensures that the mole does not appear in this area again, and it may leave traces of pink on the area, but it also disappears after a while.

3. Laser

It may be one of the most used methods at the present time, which depends on directing the energy of laser beams towards the mole, which succeeds in removing it, especially if it is small and flat.

4. Freezing

This method is the opposite of the method of cauterization, as it relies on the use of liquid nitrogen to remove moles, which leaves a trace that fades with time as well.