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Kahraba returns to Musimani’s accounts in the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani is considering pushing Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim "Kahraba", the team's player, in the Pyramids match after tomorrow, Thursday, in the Egyptian League Championship.

Mosmianni intends to return Kahraba to his technical calculations in the upcoming Pyramids match, after the player appeared well for the few periods in which he participated.

Musimani expressed his satisfaction and admiration for Kahraba's level in the recent training, so he wants to use the player in the Pyramids match, whether as a mainstay or as an alternative, which will appear during the training during the next 48 hours.

Al-Ahly will resume its training this evening, Tuesday, after a 24-hour break, as the team trained on Sunday, then rested on Monday, and will train today in preparation for the important Pyramids match.

Last Saturday night, Al-Ahly qualified for the African final by defeating Tunisian Esperance 3-0 in Gstaad Al-Ahly in the African semi-final after having previously won the first leg in Rades with a clean goal.

In a related development, Hazem El-Hadidi, Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba’s business agent, revealed the scenes of the player’s session with South African Betso Musimani, technical director of the Red Genie, during the past days, and Hazem El-Hadidi said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “Kahraba will not leave Al-Ahly, the player.” He has a strong determination to return to the main formation of the team, and he enjoys the support and backing of all the officials in the club, led by coach Musimani.

Hazem Al-Hadidi added, "Mosimani met with Kahraba and told him that he was happy with the development of his level in training, so he began to gradually participate in the matches, starting with the Berkane Renaissance match in the African Super, in addition to his appearance in the Tunisian Esperance match in the last minutes."

Hazem Al-Hadidi continued, "Mosimani informed Kahraba that he will continue to give him the opportunity to participate with Al-Ahly in the league matches in order to prepare him for the African final, provided that he takes advantage of the opportunity and restores his technical and physical form that qualifies him to reserve a key place in the Red Genie squad on an ongoing basis, especially since he is one of the team's goals."

Kahraba returned to participate with the Red Genie as a substitute in the Moroccan Berkane Renaissance match, which witnessed the crowning of the Red Genie in the African Super Cup after winning two goals without a response against the Moroccan champion, and Kahraba participated as a substitute for Mohamed Sharif in the 84th minute of the match and appeared distinctly in the last minutes awarded to him after A long absence before he participated in the return match against Tunisian Esperance, which Al-Ahly won by three, to announce his rise to the African final.

Kahraba missed participating in a large number of his team’s matches, most notably against Al-Masry, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Ghazl El-Mahalla, Zamalek and Sun Downs, back and forth, after a penalty of suspension by the technical staff for a month, against the background of his crisis with Musimani after the match of the Vanguards of the Army in the league.