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Learn about the state's efforts to address water shortages in 10 points

The water resources and irrigation sector is one of the most prominent sectors that have direct contact with the citizen, as this sector is entrusted with providing drinking and irrigation water, and the water needed for agriculture, industry, tourism, river navigation, and others. As one of the important sectors, development should have reached it, within the framework of the state reform plan, Where many achievements have been made in this public field.


1- The government is working on a 10-year national water plan

2- Expenditure of 312 billion pounds to face the water shortage in the country and to renew and replace old water lines throughout the country

3- The cost of improving the infrastructure of the water network in Cairo alone amounted to approximately 5.5 billion pounds during the past five years

4- Renewing the national network of water channels at a cost of 80 billion pounds

5- The state aims to increase the contribution of the agricultural sector to the GDP to reach 12% by 2024.

6- Increase agricultural production by 30% by 2024,

7- Increasing the income of small farmers, and increasing exports of crops and agricultural industries by doubling the sector’s share in exports from 17% in 2020 to 25% in 2024.

8- The government seeks to explore alternative ways to increase its share of water, whether through desalination of sea water, rationalizing consumption through modernizing irrigation technology, and improving its infrastructure through

9- Providing new water sources such as reusing wastewater in agriculture and maximizing the use of groundwater.

10- Implementation of the project of land reclamation and cultivation of 1.5 million feddans, to achieve better food security,