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Like today.. my destiny Abdel Azim finishes the 77th summit 5 minutes before the end

On this day, June 25, 1996, the Zamalek team withdrew from the events of the summit match No. 77 in protest against the goal of Hossam Hassan, Al-Ahly striker, due to infiltration, and Zamalek had objected to the referee’s management, Qadri Abdel Azim, for the match, where the 77th summit was held at the end of the week before the last, and the two teams entered the match They have the same number of points 66 each. Al-Ahly advanced in the 67th minute through its Ghanaian star Ahmed Felix, and Hossam Hassan added the second goal five minutes before the end, so that Zamalek withdrew from the meeting and the victory was calculated in favor of Al-Ahly Club, and financial penalties amounted to 150 thousand pounds.


The formation of Al-Ahly in the 77th summit, led by German Rainer Holmann, consisted of:


Ahmed Schubert, "the captain of the team" for goalkeepers, Mahmoud Abu Al-Dahab, Mushir Hanafi, Mohamed Youssef for the defense line, Ibrahim Hassan, Yasser Rayan Dhahiri side, Magdy Tolba, Hadi Khashaba, Osama Orabi for the midfield, Ghanaian Ahmed Felix and Hossam Hassan for the offensive line.


Al-Ahly made two changes, the first early in the “25” minute, where Hisham Hanafi replaced the injured Magdy Tolba, and in the second half he pushed the talented Walid Salah El-Din as a substitute for Felix Aboji.


While the formation of Zamalek at the 77th summit led by Ahmed Refaat consisted of:


Nader Al-Sayed for goalkeeper, Ashraf Qassem, Medhat Abdel Hadi, Nabil Mahmoud for the defense line, Hussein Abdellatif, Issam Marei Dhahiri side, Effat Nassar, Ismail Youssef "team captain", Khaled Al-Ghandour for the midfield, Hazem Imam, Ayman Mansour for the offensive line.


At the beginning of the second half, the Algerian, Qasi Saeed, replaced Khaled Al-Ghandour, then Osama Nabih replaced Medhat Abdel Hadi in the 61st minute, and Ahmed Al-Kass replaced Hazem Imam in the 65th minute.