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Mauritanian authorities seize 1,100 kilograms of hashish in Nouakchott

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mustafa, Undersecretary of the Republic in the western state of Nouakchott, said that the National Office for the Control of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances managed to seize one ton and one hundred kilos of Indian hashish in Nouakchott, during the last days.


Al-Mustafa confirmed - in a press conference on Friday, that the Mauritanian police managed to infiltrate a gang that was behind the introduction of this quantity of drugs into the country and prevent their distribution within Mauritania.


He added that "the process of infiltrating the gang began since last Ramadan, when a member of the well-organized gang was arrested, when information was obtained about the introduction of a shipment of drugs into the country, and this shipment continued to be tracked to find out the route it took and in recent days after long and complex investigations." Sometimes the hacking center was arrested the person responsible for storage in this gang.


He pointed out that after deepening the search with the arrested person, an initial store containing 357 kilograms of hashish was seized, and after continuing the search, the main store containing more than 750 kilograms of the same substance was seized, so that what was seized so far within the framework of this qualitative operation was more of approximately 1,100 kg of Indian cannabis.”


The police commissioner, Hassan Mustafa, who is in charge of heading the Central Office for Combating Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, explained that the control and dismantling of this gang was not done by chance, but was the result of a powerful, accurate and tight security work that eventually enabled, praise be to God, to be aware of all aspects of the operation, adding that the National Police She professionally hacked this gang.