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Milan is considering appointing Kier as captain of the Rossoneri after his humane behavior with Eriksen

Press reports revealed today, Monday, that the Italian club AC Milan is studying the possibility of appointing its new player Simon Kjaer, the captain of the new team, after the events of last Saturday, and his heroic role during the fall of his colleague Christian Eriksen in the face of Denmark and Finland in Euro 2020.

According to the Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Simon Kjaer could become Milan's new captain, he was already a candidate before last Saturday and his behavior after Christian Eriksen's annoyance, is now "ahead of anyone else".

The newspaper added that the Italian Football Association is studying the "first aid" project for professional players, after what happened with Christian Eriksen, and the goal is for everyone to interact like Simon Kjaer.

And press reports revealed the role of Simon Kjaer, captain of the Denmark national team, in saving the life of his colleague Christian Eriksen, after the emergency health condition he suffered, during his country’s match with Finland on the second day of the European Football Championship, in Copenhagen.

The match was stopped after the 29-year-old Eriksen fell unconscious, but resumed after an hour and a half after it was stopped, after reports were received of the stability of the health of the Italian Inter player and the recovery of consciousness.



According to the English newspaper, "Daily Star", the captain of the Danish national team, Simon Kjaer, saved the life of his colleague Eriksen after the emergency health problem he was exposed to.

The newspaper pointed out that Keir rushed to Eriksen as soon as he fell, where he worked to adjust his position to prevent swallowing his tongue in moments of fainting, and not only did that, but he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for Eriksen, before the arrival of the medical staff.

She stated that in another scene, Keir ordered the Denmark team players to make a "human cover" around Eriksen when he was receiving cardiac resuscitation on the ground, to prevent him from being photographed or taking any pictures of him while he was in that position.


Pictures taken by international agencies also showed Kier comforting Eriksen's wife and trying to prevent her from seeing him in that condition.

Kier's stances impressed the pioneers of social networking sites, who praised him, describing him as the "hero" who saved Eriksen from death.