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Mirror: Two of Queen Elizabeth's bodyguards charged with conspiring to sell arms and firearms

Two of Queen Elizabeth's guards, including a first sergeant, have been charged with firearms offences, and Scotland Yard says the two soldiers, believed to be war veterans, will be tried later this year, according to the Mirror.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Two members of the British military have been charged with firearms offences."

Kirtland Gill, 40, and Rajon Graham, 32, of Berkshire, have been charged with conspiracy to sell or transfer ammunition and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon.

The newspaper said that the two men were arrested at their homes in Windsor, Berks, earlier this year, and the Coldstream Guards units are one of the strongest in the UK and the most battle-prone and are also the longest-serving and are part of the family division, and as part of that section of the army The British, whose role is war, participation in ceremonies, and protection of property.

According to the report, the two officers were arrested last January after raids by firearms officers and the Royal Military Police.

Kirtland Gill met Queen Elizabeth twice during his 20-year career, and the arrests caused anxiety among the units tasked with guarding the Queen at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.