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Montaser Al-Nabrawi receives Representative Ahmed Othman and confirms the good relations with Al-Ismaili

Montaser Al-Nabrawi, Chairman of the Presentation Company, received Representative Ahmed Othman, a member of the House of Representatives. During the session, many issues related to the Ismaili Club and the company were discussed during the coming period.


Montaser Al-Nabrawy commended the visit of Representative Ahmed Othman, brother of Ismaili Club President Ibrahim Othman, and the good and strong relations that unite the company and the Ismaili Club, which is one of the poles of Egyptian football, stressing that the company appreciates such visits from great personalities in Egypt and Egyptian sports from the son of the late great Othman. Ahmad Othman.


Montaser Al-Nabrawi confirmed that several sports files for the Ismaili Club were discussed, and that the company is supportive of Ismaili and all the big teams that have a history in Egyptian football.