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New book by the author of "Fire and Fury": Trump promised his supporters to walk with them to Congress

A new book revealed details related to the events of the storming of Congress on the sixth of last January, and the book written by Michael Wolff, author of the famous book "Fire and Fury", said that Trump told his supporters that he would walk with them to the Capitol Building on this day, and then abandoned them after a tense conversation With his chief of staff Michael Meadows.

According to the British newspaper, "The Guardian", Wolff's new book, titled "Landslide", says that Meadows communicated with Secret Service agents and told them that they did not go to the Capitol.

Wolff, one of a number of authors Trump has interviewed since leaving office, said the chief of staff approached Trump afterward, who did not know what Meadows was talking about.

According to the book, Meadows said, "You said you'd walk with them to the Capitol? How do we do this? We cannot regulate it. We can't.” Trump replied, "I didn't mean that literally."

The book also talked about Trump expressing his bewilderment over the supporters who stormed the Capitol building in riots that killed five people, and Trump was impeached for the second time before Congress on charges of inciting rebellion.

Wolff said Trump was at a loss as to who these people were because of their looks and what they wore, and once joked that he should have invested in a series of tattoo parlors.

Wolf noted that the conversation between Trump and Meadows sheds light on how those who participated in the storming of the Capitol were later abandoned. The author said that the White House quickly realized that Vice President Mike Pence concluded that he could not unilaterally reject votes "recognizing Biden's victory", or do anything other than play his ceremonial role, as the president wanted him to.

Trump aide Jason Miller was filmed saying "fuck it" and warning the president's lawyer, Rod Giuliani, of lying about election fraud.