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Pele supports Neymar to win the Copa America: I encourage him and feel happy when he plays football

Brazilian football legend Pele was keen to pay tribute to his compatriot Neymar, after the latter led the Brazilian national team to its second consecutive victory in the Copa America, currently being held in Brazil.

And Pele posted an old picture of him with Neymar via Instagram, smiling, and commented on it, "Every time I see this boy smiling, it's impossible not to smile again, he's contagious, like all Brazilians I always feel happy when I see him playing football, today he took a step I am encouraging him to get there, with the same joy I felt since I saw him play for the first time."

Brazilian star Neymar Da Silva expressed his enthusiasm for winning the Copa America title with the Brazilian national team, after he led Seleção to a 4-0 victory over his Peruvian national team, in the meeting that brought the two teams together in the early hours of Friday, at the “Olympico Pedro Ludevio” stadium in Guyana, within The second round of Group B of the forty-seventh Copa America, which will be hosted by Brazil until July 11, with the participation of 10 teams.

"For me, it is a great happiness to be part of the Brazilian national team. This is something that makes me very happy, and my dream has always been to play for the national team and carry this shirt, and in terms of numbers, I did not imagine that I would reach what I reached," Neymar said.

He added, "The numbers that I achieve are important numbers and would not have been achieved without the help of my colleagues and my family who support me. This is a great happiness for me. I am very happy to be part of this team. I hope my family is proud of me."

And he continued: "Many obstacles I went through, I lived through complicated moments, and many failures in the Copa America. We know how difficult this length is and my dream is to win it again."


He pointed out: “As for the numbers, they are nothing compared to my happiness in playing with the national team and representing my country and my family. We live in difficult times all over the world, and to be a reason to make people happy and bring happiness to them is a wonderful thing. What I offer I want to be a source of pride for everyone He's enjoying this ball."